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We are just as excited to share with your some of our greatest achievements for this year! Stay tuned till the end of this year to find out what we have achieved!

December: Jaysonite Studios assist in co-hosting the first offline bus meetup alongside with its associate group, Roblox Mass Rapid Transport

August: Jaysonite Studios hosts a virtual National Day Parade event with its associate group, Roblox Mass Rapid Transport, leading a 90% increase in player count

January: Jaysonite rebrands to Jaysonite Studios, under the parent group, Jaysonite Pte. Ltd.

October: Jaysonite Studios fosters 2 partnerships with INDEX GAMES and NEVERMORE STUDIOS which provided many services and useful assets that catered to the needs of game development

September: Jaysonite Studios hosts its first event, REFASHION which introduced the new beginnings of the modern day Jaysonite Studios

March/April: Jaysonite Studios forms its first ever Board of Directors, which was later renamed in 2022 to "The Jaysonite Team" as a form of inclusion for everyone to remember that everything works as a team, and not just by individuals working alone.

November: Jaysonite Studios was founded

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