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REFASHION 2021 Summary

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

TheOfficialJaysonite has recently announced that a brand new line of clothing will be added to the Singaporean Classics apparel set. Designer Picks was recently showcased in the REFASHION 2021 announcement along with several other announcements, such as the brand new Community Outreach program which will begin from the upcoming weeks.

Designer Picks was one of the more anticipated for announcements as many waited for the release of the lineup of clothing. 3 designs were showcased during the event. The designs were handcrafted by TheOfficialJaysonite and DrKWplays. These are limited edition designs which are set to be available from the 27th of September till the 13th of October.

The community outreach program was announced to mark the first steps into Jaysonite's successive future which lies ahead of it's vision and mission. This program consists of the assistance in terms of development in small groups which are just about on their start of their operations, be it the need of building, programming or even graphics designing, the developers at Jaysonite are set to help and assist in any way possible.

The Jaysonite Keynote was also announced during the event, stating that the Keynote may take place some time in late December of 2021. The programme outline for the Keynote has not yet been announced yet.


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