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RMRT X Jaysonite NDP Event

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The Jaysonite Team had recently worked closely with Roblox Mass Rapid Transport (RMRT) to host a virtual NDP event in conjunction with the Stronger Together, Majulah NDP Event in Singapore on the 9th of August 2022.

TheOfficialJaysonite, along with the Jaysonite Development Team and the RMRT Development Team and RMRT Management Team worked together to develop the first NDP event for RMRT, marking an ambitious and growing steps to working closer together in future events and other game development projects.

Marking in Jaysonite's history as the first collaborative project done with another group, this event will remain as one of Jaysonite's first successes and one of the most well received events done as the game, Asterwale's player count had soared with a 90% increase in player visits and player count when this event was first published LIVE.


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