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Vibe Park - Aesthical April Update

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Explore the Vibe Park Aesthetical April update! Featuring a new scenery, new background soundtracks & more!

Aesthetical April Update!


New Scenery

The scenery has been updated, with the addition of more flowers, a new skybox and lighting changes!

Explore around, change your camera angles and create shared memories with your friends and family!

New Soundtracks

With the removal of some soundtracks due to Roblox's Copyright enforcement act, the soundtracks in Vibe Park have been updated with copyright-free soundtracks which are carefully selected from Roblox's Audio Library.


- Fixed missing meshes/replaced with new models

- Fixed missing soundtracks (updated with new ones)

- Fixed "easter egg" teleports not working

- Fixed weird hitboxes near the pond area

Stay tuned for more updates to Vibe Park!


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